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PyBossa enables you to complete huge tasks in record time with the help of hundreds of volunteers

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PyBossa gives you the tools for ground truthing, because a more informed world is a better place


Because PyBossa is 100% open source, it lets you create new crowdsourcing solutions in minutes

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Check out these projects that use PyBossa technology

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Help British Museum & University College London to curate and model Bronze Age collections

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Browser Template

Help Brazil's Institute for Space Research to assess deforestation in tropical forests

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Feynman's Flowers

Help London Centre for Nanotechnology to classify nano molecules

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Create a PyBossa Project

With PyBossa you can distribute all kinds of tasks to thousands of volunteers
Check out the open source templates below

Image Pattern Recognition

Analyze patterns in photos, pictures, etc...

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Sound Pattern Recognition

Analyze, identify, or describe sounds.

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Transcribe PDF docs

Extract information from PDF files easily

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Add information to web-based maps

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Video Pattern Recognition

Analyze, identify, or describe videos.

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Phone-based data collection

Capture data on smartphones and analyze them

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Analyze your crowdsourced data with Enki
Export data to formats like CSV or JSON
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