When do I need PYBOSSA?

I have a set of poorly scanned PDFs

We've got you covered! PYBOSSA can import PDF files and make them available to your users, so that they can extract key information. All you have to do is upload your PDF files (with scanned images included, no problem!) to your Dropbox account (PYBOSSA is integrated with Dropbox) or host them in your own web server. Then, use our 'PDF data-mining' template to ask your users to extract the information you require.

The template allows you to zoom in and out of the PDF (pretty handy when documents are hand written) and navigate between pages. A task might involve analysis of a whole document, or just a few pages – it's up to you to decide. Moreover, you can use the PYBOSSA.JS library to integrate your template with third party online services like Open Corporates or Encyclopedia of Life. This allows you to run queries about the data contained in the PDFs, so your users can input the best possible information. Simple yet advanced!

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I need to analyze a video archive

Videos convey motion, expressions and action, which can be difficult to interpret. So we've built a template that allows you to import videos directly from Dropbox or Vimeo (more to come) and set up tasks to analyze them.

The template allows you to ask questions about what's happening in the videos. You can tag specific moments by selecting the start and end time of the action/feeling/event that you want to identify. This might, for example, involve identifying a place where the video was recorded, who is seen in the video or an action that is occurring. You can also ask what emotions people experience as they watch the video.

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I want to capture photos, videos or audio and geolocalize them

You know the data is out there, but you don't know how to get it. You know that people can help by recording videos or taking photos of the problem that you want to solve. PYBOSSA can capture video, audio or pictures and geolocalize them without using any extra tool.

PYBOSSA allows you to submit any type of file to your crowdsourcing project. Then, it's up to you to analyze it in any possible way. You can capture images, videos, audios, record measurements with your hardware save it into a JSON or CSV file and send it to PYBOSSA. You can use the GPS of the phones to grab the latitude and longitude of that data so you can geolocalize it automatically. The best part? You don't need any extra tool, everything is integrated into PYBOSSA increasing the engagement of your users.

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I want to geolocalize a photo archive

You love photos, and have a huge collection. But most of your photos are old and contain no EXIF/meta-data identifying the location in which they were taken. Problem solved: import your pictures and ask volunteers to geolocate them!

Create a Google spreasheet with links to your photos, share it with colleagues and then import all them with just one click! Then, use our template to ask volunteers to geolocate each picture on a web map. Latitude, longitude and GeoJSON information of your choice will be recorded, and you can render this data in any third party software. Ask the crowd to help you to geolocalize the amazing locations in your pictures!

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I need to tag/identify sounds in video clips or MP3s

You are a birder, and like to record birdsong (you wild child!). Now you have a big set of audio clips and want to identify the different birds singing in each recording. Well, simply import the clips from your Dropbox or SoundCloud account and use our sound tagging template. Easy innit!

The template will allow your users to specify the start and end point of a specific birdsong, making it simple to tag and classify those lovely birds in your audio clips. (NB. This has nothing to do with Tweeting kids... though we do have a template for classifying Tweets!)

You might not be a biologist, but a journalist. You could use this tool to identify who is speaking in secret audio recordings forwarded by a whistleblower. Effortlessly protect your work with a password, so that those with access can help tag incriminating moments in a conversation and identify the participants.

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I have to transcribe from audio or video recordings

Yesterday, one of the biggest events on TV was finally aired. Journalists from around the world followed the pre-election debate between the major political parties. Now you want to publish a story with your unique take on the event. But first things first: you need to transcribe the debate from the video/audio broadcast. This is a time-consuming task, so why not crowdsource it to your audience?

Tasks like transcribing an audio/video file are really easy with PYBOSSA. Just import the recording from Dropbox, Google Spreadsheets, SoundCloud etc… and use our transcription and audio/video templates to create your own automated transcription platform. You can even ask your audience how the words of political leaders make them feel.

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I have to classify images

You have thousands of images from a trap camera, microscope or an archive, and you need to classify them. You know that algorithms will do a poor job because the images are complex. And perhaps you have neither the time nor inclination to start writing computer programmes. So you want to recruit some volunteers to help as people like you will do a better job than computers alone.

If this sounds familiar, then use our Dropbox importer and start classifying, counting and describing your images. We provide a ready-to-use template that provides a responsive interface, so your volunteers can even contribute from their phones or tablets.

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